Friday, December 24, 2010

Halal Food Catering & Restaurant

JM's Beriani Rice uses 100% halal ingredient in their recipe and also uses cooking procedures as according to the halal requirements.Halal involves type of meats, the processes involved in preparations of meats kitchen cleanliness and also the utensils & the people involved in the processes.

Nasi Beriani Using Local & Imported Spices

The rice is Basmathi which is aromatic & contain more fibers than the normal while rice grains. The basmathi is imported and commands higher prices.

Meat dishes of Ayam, Kambing & Daging

The halal meats are Chicken, Mutton & Beef prepared with the beriani spices & herbs.Meat cleanliness, handling, storing transits, are closely monitored to ensure freshness & integrity.

Kuih Muih Melayu

Using methods that were pioneered by the founders, the dishes are very mild and loved by children & expatriates who usually cannot take spicy food. On the contrary to many comments about the beriani, JM's beriani rice & the dishes are not 'hot' at all.
Rack of Mutton Ribs Fried with Rosemary

There are more halal dishes to enjoy, from Mee Bandung to Laksa Johor & Laksa Utara at JM IOI Boulevard.


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